Take a stand. Answer the call for equality. Answer the call for civil rights. Join the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in the nation. Join the NAACP.



Joining the NAACP means so much more than membership within an organization: you are becoming a part of a community.

Youth members are some of the most active supporters in our ongoing efforts to protect, defend, and fight for civil rights.

Become a youth member today by filling out the  form and selecting one of our membership options:

  • Bronze life membership (ages 14-20): $400.00

  • Bronze life membership—subscribing payment: 8 annual installments of $50.00

  • Junior life membership (ages 0-13): $100.00

  • Junior life membership—subscribing payment: 4 annual installments of $25.00

Join us today and become a member of the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in America!

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BRONZE (AGES 14-20) : $50.00     |    JUNIOR  (ages 0-13) : $25.00   

Fully-paid Life Memberships include a 10-year subscription to Crisis Magazine and engraved commemorative plaque.

 Bronze Life Membership $400

 Junior Life Membership $100